Office of the Municipal Agriculturist


Mrs. Marie Ann Montañez

The Staff


To help and empower the farming and fishing communities and the private sector to produce enough, accessible and affordable food for every Filipino and a decent income for all.


A Modernized smallholder agriculture and fisheries; a diversified rural economy that is dynamic, technologically advanced and competitive through sound practices of resource sustainability, principles of social justice and strong private sector participation.

Basic Functions

Agricultural Crops and Livestock

  • Food production – provisions of planting materials and other agricultural inputs
  • Vaccination of dogs and cats
  • Upgrading of large cattle animals thru artificial insemination
  • Issuance of animal health certificate and transport
  • Provision of vitamins and medicines for livestock
  • Management of slaughterhouse


  • Fisherfolk and boat registration
  • Seaborne patrolling
  • Monitoring and maintenance of fish sanctuary and fishing reserve area