Request for Quotation: Provision of Supplies & Equipment for COVID-19

The Local Government Unit of Perez, Quezon through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), will undertake a Small Value Procurement for the “Provision of Supplies & Equipment for COVID-19 in accordance with Sec. 53.9 of the Implementing Rules & regulations of Republic Act No. 9184.

Name of the Project: Provision of Supplies & Equipment for COVID-19

Approved Budget for the Contract: Php 91,671.00

Specificationssee below

Location: Perez, Quezon

Delivery Term: Seven (7) Calendar days

Interested suppliers are required to submit the following documents:

  • Valid & Current Mayor’s Permit
  • 2018 Income/ Business Tax Return
  • Philgeps Registration Number
  • Omnibus sworn Statement

Purchase Order shall be made to the Lowest Quotation, which complies with the minimum description as stated above and other terms and Quotation stated in the Price Quotation Form.

Any interlineation, erasures or overwriting shall be valid only if they are signed or initialed by the supplier or his/ her duly authorized representative/s.

Submission of quotation and eligibility documents and opening of price quotation and final offer will be on 1:00pm March 17, 2020 at the BAC Secretariat Office, Municipal Building, Perez Quezon or through email at

Very truly yours,

Municipal Assessor
(BAC Chairman)

PR No. : 100-20-03-097


  1. 231 unit Axillary Thermometer
  2. 100 pcs Cloth Face Mask Regular Cut
  3. 100 pcs Cloth Face Mask Special Cut
  4. 17 boxes Surgical Gloves
  5. 10 pcs Protective Goggles
  6. 10 pcs Disposable Surgical Gown over all jumpsuit with head cover
  7. 72 pcs Germicidal Soap 135g
  8. 299 pcs Germicidal Soap 90g
  9. 1 bundle Yellow Disposal Waste Bag 500pcs./bundle (large)
  10. 30 btls Liquid Disinfectant (1 Liter)
  11. 6 btls Liquid Disinfectant (1 Galloon)